Aeroflex and 7 layers have announced a partnership on 3G mobile handset conformance testing under which the 7 layers test and service facility in the UK will use Aeroflex’s 6401 AIME/CT conformance system complete with inter-system handover capability (ISHO) for its 3G handset testing requirements. The partnership is the result of the long-standing working relationship between the two companies, which goes back to the inception of 7 layers in the UK in 2001.

As a result of the agreement the conformance test system is to be used within the 7 layers Rapid Response Network of test facilities. This network connects the company’s test laboratories into a global virtual platform for the simultaneous testing of customer projects and ensures seamless information transfer between the various sites. Installed and commissioned at the 7 layers’s test laboratory near Cambridge, UK, the 6401 AIME/CT with ISHO conformance test system is already being extensively used to enable its customers to satisfy the requirements of the influential GCF and PTCRB certification programs as well as regulatory approval.

“Aeroflex is an ideal 3G test partner for us for two main reasons,” commented Laurence Richardson, managing director of 7 layers in the UK. “Over the years the company has demonstrated a clear cut ability to be at the leading edge of test case development which is absolutely vital for us as new 3G capabilities such as HSDPA and HSUPA start to come on stream. Furthermore, from an engineering perspective, the 6401 is a highly accessible test platform and could be easily integrated into the InterLab system. InterLab is being used by the 7 layers group in order to automate a large amount of processes, connect the test centers with one another and provide clients with real-time web-access to their test projects.”