Amplifier Technology has launched the 8767 high power broadband GaN amplifier, operating at 100 W in the 0.5 to 2.5 GHz frequency range, typically giving a saturated output power of 50 dBm minimum, from an input power of 0 dBm maximum.

The amplifier, which measures 261 by 131 by 31 mm, is supplied with a 50 Ω SMA jack and is suitable for jamming and convoy protection, where it will enable protection across a wide area or it can be used for electromagnetic compatibility testing. It can be integrated into systems for government or military applications or it can be used in industrial, academic and research environments.

Amplifier Technology offers the 8767 as an off-the-shelf product; however, the company is known for GaN amplifier design, where it is one of the UK’s leading players, leading the field in developing efficient broadband amplifiers at high power. The company will be able to supply the new amplifier for Own Equipment Manufacture, where it is most likely to be utilized in EW and laboratory testing applications.