Special Design Topics in Digital Wideband Receivers

James Tsui

Special Design Topics in Digital Wideband Receivers offers engineers a thorough examination of special, more advanced aspects of digital wideband receiver design and builds on fundamental resources on the topic, helping the reader to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. The book also presents a detailed look at a complete receiver design and discusses the detection of exotic signals and provides guidance on designing receivers used in electronic warfare (EW).

The book starts by presenting a complete receiver design including the encoder. Four types of receiver design are included: digital instantaneous frequency measurement; conventional fast Fourier transform (FFT) operation; multiple FFT operations; and polyphase filter. It introduces ideas in other fields to EW receiver designs and generates detailed information on some of the ideas discussed in the book. Finally the book discusses the detention of exotic signals limited to bi-phase shift keying (BPSK) and frequency modulated (FM or chirp) signals.

All the topics in this book are closely related to EW receiver design, but only some are discussed in detail. It is written at an upper undergraduate or graduate level so it is aimed at researchers and managers working in the EW and communications fields. It covers relatively deep levels of understanding in some sections, which means some background in microwave engineering is needed.

Special Design Topics in Digital Wideband Receivers builds on the first edition and expands to cover encoders and several other areas of receiver design that were not viable when the first edition was published. It is a good reference book and provides practical examples with simulated data. From frequency modulation and bi-phase shifting keys, to parameter encoders in electronic warfare receivers and the use of the simulation and probability density function to predict the false alarm parameter, this book focuses on critical topics and techniques that help the reader design digital wideband receivers for high performance.

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