New R&S ZNA High-End VNA: Outstanding RF Performance with Unique Operating Concept

The first purely touch-operated vector network analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S ZNA, a new generation of high-end vector network analyzers offering outstanding RF performance and a unique hardware concept that simplifies measurement configuration. Its excellent measurement stability and trace noise enable users to perform demanding measurements on active and passive components and modules. Thanks to its innovative, DUT-centric approach, the world's first purely touch-operated vector network analyzer reduces configuration times to a minimum.

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How Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis is Advancing Spectrum Monitoring and SIGINT Applications

A new generation of Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions has been developed. By being based on software-defined radio innovation, these solutions are able to provide the frequency and performance required in a compact, versatile, and cost-effective unit, and they can be quickly upgraded or adjusted for a wide variety of deployment scenarios. This gives users the flexibility and versatility needed to adapt to changing signal processing and analysis requirements without undergoing a full hardware upgrade.

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