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High-tech tractors cultivate a sustainable future

The face of traditional farming is rapidly changing to incorporate sophisticated technologies aimed at producing more food with less environmental impact. To support the influx of technology, product development firm Cambridge Consultants is using its expertise to design innovative, low-cost solutions for the farming industry. Its latest device draws on its background in advanced radar technology for a detection system to help agricultural vehicles avoid collisions.

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Cambridge Consultants unveils cost-effective and accurate indoor locator system

New technology from innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants can accurately detect someone’s location indoors when GPS drops out. A number of sensors and a custom algorithm determine the location, with an accuracy of within approximately 1 percent of the distance travelled. Yet the technology uses low-power, low-cost sensors and the device concept is small enough to clip on a belt. It also doesn’t need any existing internal infrastructure.

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Bicycle of the future heralds smart-tech era

Innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants is making the future of smart technology a reality with its ability to make everyday products digitally intelligent. The company’s latest design concept is the world’s first wireless automatic gear-changing bicycle. This bicycle of the future – controlled by smartphone technology – is the latest example of how Cambridge Consultants is using its expertise in wireless technology to showcase the next stage of product evolution in the smart-tech era.

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Cambridge Broadband Networks and NEC deliver high-capacity enterprise access for QSC

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) and NEC Europe Ltd. have announced a major agreement with QSC to provide high-speed wireless internet access to its enterprise customers. QSC, among the leading mid-size providers of ICT services in Germany, is installing CBNL’s VectaStar multipoint microwave equipment to meet the high-capacity internet demands of its enterprise customers across several cities in Germany. QSC’s initial deployment will consist of VectaStar access points and remote terminals, using the available 26GHz spectrum.

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Cambridge Consultants introduces new platform for the wireless delivery of high-quality audio

A new technology platform from leading design and development firm Cambridge Consultants is enabling wireless devices such as radio microphones and intercoms to deliver high-quality audio within international license-free radio bands – even in mega-stadiums. It means Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) can now provide the same range in a large arena as it does in open spaces – typically more than 100 meters – without the problem of interference when there is a high concentration of devices.

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