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EDI CON Online: Bigger Than You Are: The Emerging Role of Fractal Superscatterers


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8/18/21 2:00 pm to 8/18/21 2:30 pm EDT

Event Description

EDI CON Online

Title: Bigger Than You Are: The Emerging Role of Fractal Superscatterers

Date: August 18, 2021

Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Presented by: Dr. Nathan Cohen, CEO and Founder, Fractal Antenna Systems

Metamaterials present emerging roles in contemporary RF applications. This talk describes one important application, specifically fractal metamaterials, as enhanced reflectors. Gain enhancement at selected and controllable frequencies can be substantial, meriting the moniker ‘superscatterers’.  Looked at as radar targets, superscatterers can present a radar cross section(RCS) far greater than that expected from the surface geometry and area. Superscatterers  are the opposite of radar stealth: objects look bigger than they are. The application of these superscatterers is key. For example, in vehicular applications, these tiny fractal-based superscatterers can be  installed in visible light road reflectors and or embedded on any variety of motorway objects, vehicles, and garments. This provides ability to mark roadways and object to enable a uniquely radar-based autonomous vehicular control—making lidar approaches obsolete. Similarly, such superscatterers can act as radar ‘license plates’ for small and even  large satellites, lending a solution to the problematic issue of  identifying and tracking space assets at otherwise marginal or absent  radar SINR.   

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Nathan Cohen ("Chip")
is a physicist, radio astronomer, and innovator/inventor. Dr Cohen possesses a broad scope of knowledge across many fields, which has led him down many roads throughout his career. He is a PhD; he is a former professor of Science and Engineering; spent time as a Quant trader on Wall Street; he studied astrophysics under Frank Drake; Other accolades aside, Dr Cohen is perhaps most notable for his contributions to field of electromagnetics, and fractals, being responsible for over 100 technical papers, books, and 75 US patents. He is the inventor of fractal antennas and fractal metamaterials, and the invisibility cloak, holding the source patents in these fields. Fractal Antenna Systems was founded on  breakthrough innovation, and Dr. Cohen has successfully directed the company for over 25 years.

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