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Components for Military & Space Electronics Virtual Conference

Components for Military & Space Electronics Virtual Conference


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4/19/21 to 4/23/21


Location: Online

Event Description

The premier event focused on the design, reliability, and application of electronic components for use in avionics, aerospace, military, and commercial space systems.

The Mission:

Deliver a low cost, virtual conference experience focused on high quality technical talks, keynotes and panel discussions that foster maximum attendee participation/interaction and furthers our collective understanding of the technical challenges faced in our industry. Showcase the supplier base to the greatest extend possible. Educate the industry, especially young component engineers, in order to secure the future defense of our country.

The Program:

  • Three focused Keynote talks by industry leaders and an Invited speaker from OUSD (R&E)
  • Over 35 technical presentations by industry experts with Q&A
  • Focused panel discussion on topics such as; use of alternate grade parts for mil and space and GaN for high power and microwave applications
  • Vendor presentations and exhibitors
  • 4 cutting edge tutorials FREE with attendee registration
  • 4 hours focused students and young professionals planning a career in the military and aerospace industry