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EuMCE 2019

EuMCE 2019


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5/13/19 to 5/15/19
Czech Republic

Event Description

The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is launching the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe, with associated Workshops and an Exhibition. EuMCE is a new series of events, modelled on European Microwave Week that will be held every two years, visiting the major cities of Central Europe. The first EuMCE will be held in Prague on 13-15 May 2019.

The aim of EuMCE is to better serve the microwave community in the Central Europe region and promote related microwave activities. Thanks to the associated Exhibition, which will attract companies not only from Central Europe but also from the rest of the world, the microwave industry will be an essential part of this new event, alongside academia and research centres.

EuMCE will provide an international forum where researchers, scientists and industrialists will have the opportunity to report and discuss on the latest advances in all areas of microwave theory, techniques and technology, with applications in communications, industry, science, medicine, etc, with the emphasis on activities specifically developed in and relevant to Central Europe.

The conference encompasses a wide range of subject areas including:

Active circuits and devices * Microwave passive circuits and components *  Electromagnetic theory * Filters and multiplexers * Guided wave structures * Scattering, propagation, EM field theory and CAD * Measurement techniques * Solid-state circuits and devices * MEMS, ferrites, ferroelectric, SAW, BAW * Packaging and interconnects * Sub-mmWaves, photonics and optics * Planar antennas *Array antennas and beamforming networks * Smart and reconfigurable antennas * Broadband and multi-band antennas * THz technology * Navigation and localization * Radar, sensing and microwave systems * Ultra-wideband technology and systems * Metamaterials, FSSs and EM bandgap structures * Wireless power transfer and RFID * Communication and microwave systems * Microwave industrial and medical applications * Other relevant and emerging topics

The high technical quality of the conference will be ensured through peer-reviewed paper selection. Workshops and Short Courses will also be organized focusing on specific advanced topics of special interest. Grants will be provided to promote student participation.

CALL FOR PAPERS Submission Deadline: Friday, January 25, 2019

Submissions by hard copy, fax or email cannot be accepted. Accepted papers will appear on IEEE Xplore. Late submissions will not be considered.

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