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Contact: Melida Aizpurua
Title: Sales Manager
Phone: (978) 692-6180


Accumet Engineering Inc.
123 Oak Hill Rd.
Westford MA 01886
United States

Two Types of Absorbers

 Absorbers can be used in a wide range of applications, from free space to enclosed spaces. Cavity applications include reducing or eliminating cavity resonances.

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Design Guideline - High Precision Lapping and Polishing

Lapping and Polishing are processes which are performed to achieve a desired surface finish, thickness, parallelism, flatness, and camber of any substrate. Services also includes laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking.


Design Guidelines - Tolerances for Laser Cutting & Drilling Metals

This guideline is specifically written for laser machining metals ranging in thickness from .005’’ to .250’’.


Capabilities Brochure: Precision Processing of Advanced Materials

Brochure describes Accumet's laser processing, lapping, polishing and supply chain service capabilities.


5 Keys to Perfecting Hermetic Seals with Laser Welding

Tech briefs offers DFM tips for optimizing hermetic seals.


A Pre-metallization Guide to Lapping and Polishing Ceramic Substrates

Tech brief describes pre-metallization benefits of lapping and polishing ceramic substrates.


Power Electronic Fabrication Choices Vital to Performance and Yield

Tech brief describes fabrication choices for power electronic performance and yield.