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Founded in 1970, Accumet is an ISO 9001 industry pioneer and AS9100 certified advanced materials processing powerhouse. Accumet offers expert engineering support and proven manufacturing techniques for laser drilling, laser cutting, laser marking, laser ablation, laser welding, lapping, polishing, and diamond sawing. Fifty years after its founding, Accumet manufactures millions of top quality products and parts for over 400+ customers annually, with 95% on-time delivery and less than 2% defects. Because of these results, Accumet is widely recognized as a trusted “go-to” manufacturing partner with quality, speed, and reliability at its core. 

Accumet can quickly fulfill small minimum orders or large production runs from their vast inventory, or process customer-supplied materials. Either way, Accumet utilizes advanced technologies, quality materials, and skilled expertise to help customers innovate products better, faster, and more efficiently with higher yields. Materials and parts can be expertly custom made to nearly any size or shape with a wide variety of surface finishes. Accumet has the flexibility to efficiently manage the smallest custom projects to the largest complex jobs—and the engineering expertise to add value at every step. Accumet supplies medical and bioscienceRF/microwave and microelectronicsaerospace and defense manufacturers and many other industries throughout the United States from two facilities just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Contact: Melida Aizpurua
Title: Sales Manager
Phone: (978) 692-6180


Accumet Engineering Inc.
123 Oak Hill Rd.
Westford MA 01886
United States

Two Types of Absorbers

 Absorbers can be used in a wide range of applications, from free space to enclosed spaces. Cavity applications include reducing or eliminating cavity resonances.

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Design Guideline - High Precision Lapping and Polishing

Lapping and Polishing are processes which are performed to achieve a desired surface finish, thickness, parallelism, flatness, and camber of any substrate. Services also includes laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking.


Design Guidelines - Tolerances for Laser Cutting & Drilling Metals

This guideline is specifically written for laser machining metals ranging in thickness from .005’’ to .250’’.


Capabilities Brochure: Precision Processing of Advanced Materials

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A Pre-metallization Guide to Lapping and Polishing Ceramic Substrates

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