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Title: Vice President of Business Development
Phone: 431.807.895.0102


136 Market Ave
Winnipeg MB R3B 0P4
CEMWorks is dedicated to developing innovative physics-based virtual prototyping tools that help create tomorrow's technologies. We challenge conventional methods and apply progressive research to real-world problems. CEMWorks' vision is to deliver powerful electromagnetic simulation software packages and virtual tools to deliver accurate large-scale analysis for design optimization of new applications in the fields of 5G/mmWave, automotive and Smart Cities. Our unique approach to EM simulation enables engineers to create designs in a virtual environment and to certify compliance with regulatory standards, reduce project costs, and accelerate the time-to-market. The CEMWorks' simulation tool for Electronics design - Emerald, enables exact-physics electromagnetic analysis of whole electronic designs from on-chip passives to 5G antenna arrays on PCB or package. We offer two EM simulation software solutions for Smart Mobility applications: For Smart Cities – Garnet simulation tool is optimized to generate an in-depth analysis of devices' performance for 5G systems, advanced engineered meta-materials and vehicles, in realistic environments. Novel features include adaptive accuracy control, modularization and IP protection, for simulation of antennas and devices to help engineers assess and predict their performance in 5G network environments. Sapphire is optimized for simulation of Connected Vehicles. It enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to address the regulatory safety targets for their products. Novel features include exact-physics accuracy, large-scale capacity, and support for advanced materials that will enable engineers to assess the technical performance of EMI/EMC, V2V, V2I, and 5G. CEMWorks is part of a vibrant and growing tech community in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We invite you to explore www.cemworks.com and experience the thinking and culture that set us apart. Let us help you find the right tool for your design needs, contact us at info@cemworks.com or +1-431-807-8950.
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