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Minoru Co., Ltd. develop and manufacture EMI absorber, thermal interface material, and shield products for mobile handheld devices, mobile phone base station (BTS), medical, and automotive customers. High performance and low cost solutions for EMI and thermal management. Thermal Interface Material Cost effective and high-quality TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) • Thermal conductive transfer tape is an ideal solution for LED bar affixation for LCD TV and automotive LCD backlight unit. • Silicone thermal pad with greater operative temperature range is ideal for automotive, BTS, and other mission critical applications. • High-performance heat spreader is an ideal solution for reduce “hot spot” on device within the confined space. With Cu backing, products also act as a EMI shield with greater frequency range RF Absorber High quality soft magnetic based absorbers are designed for EMI control and signal integrity improvement. Without need of electrical contact/grounding, MINORU absorber is optimized for control near field EMI from device, flex cable, and other components within the equipment.

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Contact: Nobuki Kumazawa
Title: Sales
Phone: +81-90-1703-8988


Minoru Co., Ltd.
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