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Contact: Steve Sokolik
Title: V.P. of Business Development
Phone: 847-908-5400


Crescend Technologies
140 East State Parkway
Schaumburg IL 60173
United States

Crescend Solid State Microwave Generator

The Crescend PrecisePower product line of high-powered generators are a fusion of solid-state technology and exceptional software that puts a powerful new tool into the hands of microwave system innovators.  With absolute control over frequency, phase and amplitude in addition to many other control options, these systems bring unparalleled control to the users, not achievable with traditional magnetron generators.  These systems are rugged and reliable, modular and scalable, available in single or independent/distributed outputs to better serve the needs of the application.  Systems are available in the 902 – 928MHz with power levels of 2.5 kW to 100 kW+, and 2.4 – 2.5GHz bands with power levels to 1 kW and 16kW respectively.  Please check the Crescend webpage, PrecisePower tab for data sheets and further information.

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