Optim Microwave Inc

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Contact: Noah Chung
Title: Business Development
Phone: 805-482-7128


Optim Microwave Inc
4020 Adolfo Road
Camarillo AL 93012
United States
Optim Microwave, Inc. is an antenna design and manufacturing company. We specialize in antenna and microwave component designs to meet specific demands of niche markets. The largest portion of our business is supplying antennas and related RF components to the in-motion satellite communication market. Our antennas are currently used on ships, airplanes, and vehicles all over the world. We are a small privately held business located in Southern California. Over the years we have designed and developed many antenna types including phased arrays, reflectors, and lenses. Our present area of expertise is the design of specialized antennas for the in-motion satellite communication market. We sell a number of ku- and ka-band antennas for the marine market which range in size from 11 inches to 5 feet in diameter for both receive-only and transmit/receive applications. We also have a number of low-profile antenna designs which are used on aircraft and ground vehicles. Additionally, we design and manufacture many related components for these antennas (diplexers, OMTs, adapters, polarizers, etc.). In the cases where the technology is unique, we have pursued and received patents.
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