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Katerina is a Senior Antenna Engineer at Radientum, an antenna design and consulting company in Tampere, Finland. She began her career in mm-wave antenna array design in 2014. As a Senior Engineer, she designs antennas for IoT, cellular, and mm-wave applications. Since 2022 the focus of her work is on sub-6GHz base station antenna design.  Katerina is 2022 Simulia Champion, technical blog writer and EM-simulation expert who posts examples here about various simulations so others can learn about various techniques.

DC/DC Converter for Automotive Industry With Conducted Emission Suppression

February 8, 2023

Nowadays, most electronic devices use switched power converters to regulate the voltage in their networks. While these converters are efficient in adjusting the output, they can also generate noise at higher frequencies. This unwanted noise can affect other devices on the same power network as it easily travels through power lines. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the impact of this noise. One way is to simulate the level of conducted emission and design filters to reduce it. This can ensure that the device is protected and running smoothly.

DC/DC converter

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