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Lead by James Kimery, various experts from National Instruments cover the latest research and activities going on in the race toward 5G advanced communications systems.
Featr 5G testing

Testing mmWave equipment for 5G applications

By David Hall, NI

Engineers must be able to utilize test hardware, test sets and 5G waveform generation that can be used in tandem with high-bandwidth IQ waveforms. Additionally, RF transceivers must also undergo extensive testing. Find out how in this posting.

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Unlicensed Spectrum May Be Critical to 5G

In LTE or 4G, the 3GPP defined a coexistence path for WiFi and LTE using the unlicensed bands, where an LTE subscriber could use the unlicensed 2.4 or 5 GHz bands to supplement data throughput.  Known as LAA or license assisted access, LTE and WiFi can coexist, although it is unclear how many users take advantage of this technology today.  3GPP’s 5G NR-U proposals go way beyond the prior 4G work, and there is additional motivation to take NR-U further. 

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Brooklyn 5G Summit, With a Hint of 6G

By Sarah Yost

When 5G was still in its infancy, Nokia Bell Labs teamed up with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering to bring together industry leaders to discuss advanced wireless research and their visions for 5G. Six years later, this event, which continues to host industry experts for an engaging conversation about the world of wireless, is my personal favorite event of the year.

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MWC 2019 Recap: 5G is here!

Every year at the end February, we make our annual pilgrimage to Barcelona, Spain for the world’s largest wireless conference, the Mobile World Congress.  The shear scale of the conference can be overwhelming with all wireless companies demonstrating the latest technologies, outlining future directions, and of course showcasing the latest wireless products.  I just returned from Barcelona and MWC 2019, and here are some thoughts.

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Exploring the Future of 5G

By Charles Schroeder

Testing 5G components and devices with over-the-air (OTA) methods instead of the cabled methods currently in use will be necessary to validate the performance of 5G technology. As engineering leaders, we need new test methods to ensure the viable commercialization of 5G products and solutions across many industries and applications.

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Satellite 5G

5G Satellites: Lost in Space?

The use cases and goals of the 5G initiative are well-known. What might not be as well-known is the role and potential use of satellites in the 5G ecosystem. Afterall, there has not been significant discussion on how satellites fit in. For Release 16, the 3GPP initiated a study item focused on the role of satellites in the 5G ecosystem.

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NSF Announces Important Milestone in its Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research Effort

The National Science Foundation (NSF), along with an industry consortium of 28 networking companies and associations that includes NI, announced the first two Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) initiative awards. The two platforms will be led by teams from the University of Utah, Rice University, NYU, and Rutgers University.

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Target Frequencies

The Global Spectrum Challenge for 5G

Now that there’s an initial draft of the 5G spec (aka 3GPP Release 15), the world’s wireless leaders have achieved a big milestone. However, widespread 5G deployment still faces many challenges. One such challenge is that of global spectrum coverage or more specifically harmonized global spectrum coverage.

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