Sabritec Launches Passive Equalization Technology

Sabritec , a highly integrated engineering and manufacturing company providing special interconnect solutions for military, aerospace, telecom, space, test and measurement, and commercial applications, has introduced a new passive equalizer technology. The Sabritec passive equalizer (patent pending) is designed to fit into a size 8 Twinax or Quadrax contact...
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Sabritec Launches High Power Connector Series

Sabritec , a custom connecting devices manufacturer, announced the release of its new high power connectors and contacts. Sabritec’s High Power connectors utilize the superior performing Hypertac Hyperboloid® contact technology, ideal for harsh and demanding environments with low contact resistance. These connectors provide higher current ratings with smaller contacts...
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Surface-mount Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial connectors that provide an ultraminiature RF surface-mount connector for board-to-board applications and are suitable for use with RG-178 and other small-diameter cables
Surface-mount Coaxial Connectors In today’s fast-paced environment of high density electronic equipment, surface-mount connectors are becoming an important part of the integration process. Most RF components are assembled onto surface-mount PCBs or into hybrid modules. The RF connector interface has been one of the more difficult areas to reduce...
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