Articles by National Instruments, AWR Group (NI), El Segundo, Calif.

NI AWR Design Environment supports Design Workshop Technologies DRC and LVS tools

NI (formerly AWR Corp.) announces AWR Connected™ for DWT, a new NI AWR Design Environment™ flow that enables integration with Design Workshop Technologies’ (DWT) design-rule checking (DRC) and/or layout vs. schematic (LVS) tools for printed circuit board (PCB) and module design.  The new AWR Connected for DWT DRC and LVS flow can run in one of two ways: in the full view/DWT user-interface (UI) mode or transparently from within the Microwave Office UI. 

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NI AWR Design Environment V12 pre-release now available

NI (formerly AWR Corp.), announces that NI AWR Design Environment™ V12—the first major software release in 2015—is now available as a pre-release to select customers, partners and evaluators. Previewing for the first time at International Microwave Symposium 2015 (IMS2015) at NI Booth #2431, this latest release boasts new load-pull and antenna- and radar-specific features, as well as ease-of-use improvements, speed enhancements and third-party integration flows.

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MACOM designs Ka-Band MMIC power amplifier with NI AWR Design Environment

MACOM designers used NI AWR Design Environment™ software inclusive of Microwave Office circuit design software, AXIEM 3D planar EM simulator, Analyst™ 3D FEM simulator, and APLAC harmonic balance (HB) simulator to successfully design and simulate a 4 W Ka-band PA using a 2 mil thick 0.15 um GaAs pseudomorphic high-electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) process.

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National Instruments to showcase NI AWR software during IMS2015

NI (formerly AWR Corp.), will showcase NI AWR software throughout the International Microwave Symposium 2015 (IMS2015) in a number of ways. A preview of V12 NI AWR Design Environment™ software, including new load-pull and antenna features, as well as ease of use, speed enhancements and third-party integration flows, will be on display inside NI booth #2431. IMS2015 runs from May 17-22 in Phoenix.

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