SCHOTT develops specialized coating that provides improved corrosion protection

SCHOTT has now developed a special coating through which the industry’s salt spray requirements for hybrid housings can be exceeded. The coating protects glass-to-metal seals against corrosion – even after 24 hour salt spray tests. This improves the reliability of hermetic packages, especially for applications in extremely harsh environments, such as aerospace projects. SCHOTT will present its product range from September 8 -10, 2015, at the European Microwave Week in Paris (booth #228).

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SCHOTT Introduces Scratch Resistant and Shatterproof Glass

With “SCHOTT LAS80”, the technology group SCHOTT has now expanded its family of lithium aluminosilicate glasses to include a high-potential product for the booming market for cover panels and touch panels for use in consumer and computer electronics. As an extremely thin, chemically strengthened cover glass, it gives the...
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