September 2008

Antenna Hardware at Allerton
by R.C. Hansen, Associate Editor MWJ (Dec. 1978)
This is a brief report on the most recent, held september 20-22, 1978 at Robert Allerton park, about 25 miles west of Champaign-Urbana, Illlinois. these meetings, which emphasize the practical applications side of antennas, were started in 1950.

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What's in a Good Paper?
by Joseph F. White, Consulting Editor (May 1979)
In fact, our confidential review sheet was modeled by our original editor, Ted Saad, after that used for the MTT Transactions' reviews.

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August 2008

A New Philosophy for Mil-Specs on Microwave Components (MWJ December 1962)
by Leo Gumina
This reprint from December 1962 discusses how the demands imposed by systems requirements had made it necessary to provide components which are not only extremely reliable but which are completely described in respect to their electrical, mechanical and environmental characteristics. span>

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April - July 2008

A Test and Measurement Retrospective — 75 Years of Rohde & Schwarz
by Rohde & Schwarz
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The MTT Symposia
by Ted Saad
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A Few Personal Remarks on the Evolution of Computational Electromagnetics
by Zoltan J. Cendes, Ansoft Corporation
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VNA Evolution - A European Perspective
by Michael Hiebel, author of Fundamentals of Vector Network Analysis
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