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Dec. 2010 TestBench: Aeroflex Introduces New SGA

December 2010

Aeroflex has just introduced a new range of general purpose portable benchtop RF instruments at an attractive price. The first products include two SGAs covering the 100 KHz to 3 and 6 GHz range. These signal generators are compact and lightweight with low phase noise, accuracy and fast settling time.

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Make your LTE call now! LTE User Equipment RF Measurements
This free webinar shows which types of RF measurements have been defined for LTE-capable UE (user equipment), explains their meaning and describes how they can be performed using our R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester.
Sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz


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Aeroflex Introduces Portable Positional Simulator

Aeroflex introduced the GPSG-1000, a portable GPS and Galileo positional simulator. The GPSG-1000 is lightweight, easy to use, configurable and inexpensive. It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 12-channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations for under $20,000. With the advent of GPS signal modernization,...
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Aeroflex Improves Test Times of RF Communications Devices

Aeroflex announced it will deliver a non-signaling PXI solution customized for RF production line test of Infineon ’s second-generation ultra low-cost mobile phone platform. The solution, based on the Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series, will test Infineon’s second-generation ultra low-cost chipset (X-GOLD™ 101). The primary challenges facing mobile phone handset...
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