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Smithsonian Institute Creates Microwave Spectrometer for Research of Interstellar Materials

Digitizer card by Spectrum Instrumentation is a core part of the strongly improved spectrometer

Researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have used a Spectrum Instrumentation digitizer card to create a next-generation molecular spectrometer with both high-resolution and high sensitivity that is capable of capturing sample data substantially faster.

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CTA Partners with Industry Leaders to Announce Ripple

A New Open Radar API Standard

At CES 2022, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® announced Ripple, a new industry standard for radar system development that will enable hardware and software interoperability for general-purpose consumer radar across industrial, automotive and medical applications. 

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Vayyar 4D Radar

How Vayyar 4D Imaging Radar Systems Are Enabling New Automotive Safety Applications

3-Part Video Series Including Interviews and Demos

As our September editorial theme is Automotive and Connected Vehicles, we took this opportunity to do a video series with Vayyar Imaging a leader in 4D imaging radar systems for ADAS/SRR/Autonomy, in cabin safety sensing and newly added motorcycle/scooter safety. The video series is 3 parts:

  • Low Cost 4D Imaging Radar Systems For ADAS/SRR/Autonomy
  • In Cabin Automotive Radar Systems Enabling New Safety Applications
  • New Compact Radar Systems for Motorcycle/Scooter Safety Applications

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