Transmission-Line Components

Circulator: 3G7BH

3G7bhoctav100Renaissance has designed a new octave band drop-in circulator, 3G7BH that covers a bandwidth of 5.2 to 11 GHz over -20 ° to +85° C. With insertion loss less than 0.95 dB over the entire band, the circulator is robust to handle 20 W of incident RF power. Return loss and isolation of 13 dB ensures better match to the RF circuitry where it's being placed.

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Model QH8600 2-Way 90° Hybrid Coupler

QH8600-200The Werlatone 90° Hybrid Coupler, Model QH8600, is the first 4-Port, stripline design, covering the full 30-520 MHz bandwidth. This fully bonded; stripline unit is designed for amplifiers and radios in the VHF/UHF band. Conservatively rated at 250 W CW, this unit eliminates ferrites and will withstand severe input unbalances

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RF Module

RF_ModuleModeling in the RF, microwave and optical regimes requires modeling the propagation of electromagnetic waves in and around structures that can be metallic, dielectric, gyromagnetic, or even metamaterials with engineered properties. The RF Module offers you the tools to meet this challenge.

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