Transmission-Line Components

DouplerTM Integrated Hybrid Combiner

Doupler-tmHybridCombinerFlorida RF Labs has introduced a new and innovative solution for power combining and monitoring. The Doupler™ is a hybrid coupler and directional coupler integrated within a single SMT package. This novel approach brings together the benefits of reduced component count, lower insertion loss, and minimized PCB footprint.

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Booster Amplifier: AR-50

BoosterAmpAR50The AR-50 booster amplifier boosts tactical radio signals from handheld and back-pack multi-band VHF/UHF tactical radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary and emerging JTRS waveforms. It provides 50 W of output with as little as 3 W input and offers two antenna ports dedicated to line-of-sight (LOS) or UHF Satellite (SATCOM).

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High Linearity VGAs

8-1-hmc996lp_997lcHittite Microwave Corp., the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets, announces the release of two new SMT packaged GaAs MMIC variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) which are ideal for VSAT, microwave radio, military, and test & measurement equipment applications from 5 to 27 GHz.

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