Chelmsford, MA, 07/06/2010 – Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets has launched two new Successive Detection Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVA) that operate over the 0.6 to 20 GHz and 2 to 20 GHz frequency ranges respectively. Available in die format, the HMC913 features power limiter circuitry at its RF input and carries a class 1A ESD rating (250 V HBM). The HMC913 and the HMC-C078 , which is available in miniature connectorized module packaging, are ideal for designers with space and power-constrained applications including EW and ELINT receivers, DF radar, ECM, IFM systems, and missile guidance.

The HMC913 complements the previously released HMC913LC4B and is ideal for high speed channelized systems with improved ESD performance. The HMC913 employs a successive compression topology, which delivers a high logging range of 59 dB and provides a nominal slope of 14 mV/dB. The HMC913 is capable of processing RF pulses with amplitudes from -54 dBm to +5 dBm with less than 10 ns rise times, and with only 25 ns of recovery time. The HMC913 exhibits frequency flatness of better than ±1.5 dB at -25 dBm input power, while logarithmic linearity is better than ±1.5 dB over the full -55 °C to +85 °C operating temperature range. The HMC913 consumes only 80 mA from a single +3.3 V supply.

For high reliability, military and laboratory applications, the HMC-C078 , which is a highly compact, hermetic, connectorized, wideband SDLVA module with limited RF output, is also available. Specified for operation from -55 °C to +85 °C, the HMC-C078 operates from 2 to 20 GHz with a high logging range of 50 dB, and exhibits frequency flatness of ±1 dB at -25 dBm input power. HMC-C078 provides +7dBm of saturated RF output power with a small-signal gain of 44dB.

Released datasheets for the HMC913 and the HMC-C078 may be found at Die samples and connectorized module products are available from stock and can be ordered via the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page or via direct purchase order.