RF & Microwave Industry News

News From Washington

News From Washington ATC Beacon Interrogator Competition Begins Next Phase The Lockheed Martin/Northrop Grumman team has been selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as one of two contractors to demonstrate and test a new civilian secondary radar system as part of the FAA’s Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator...
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International Report

International Report Rohde & Schwarz Launches Detector System/Wins Mobile Radio Network Order Germany-based contractor Rohde & Schwarz has launched a mobile telephone detection system and has been awarded a substantial Chinese order for its model TS9955 coverage measurement system. The 80 g Mobifinder mobile telephone detector is designed to...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market US Electronics Sales Rise 11 Percent in 1997 Electronic Industries Association data show that US factory sales of electronics equipment, components and related products totaled over $460 B in 1997, an 11 percent increase over 1996 sales. The telecommunications sector enjoyed the highest growth as its 1997...
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The Book End

The Book End Antenna Theory – Analysis and Design Constantine A. Balanis John Wiley & Sons Inc. 941 pages plus software; $92.95 This book’s main objective is to introduce the fundamental principles of antenna theory and apply them to antenna analysis, design and measurement. This second edition contains new...
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A Dual-band AMPS/PCS Duplexer

An Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)/personal communications service (PCS) duplexer offering an improved method of testing dual-band handsets for nexxt-generation mobile telephones
A Dual-band AMPS/PCS Duplexer K&L Microwave Inc. Salisbury, MD Competition in the mobile wireless marketplace has become intensely competitive, particularly with the worldwide deployment of the digital communication system (DCS), personal communications service (PCS) and satellite networks. Wireless service providers have responded by making available nationwide (or international, as...
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A Three-dimensional EM Field Solver for High Frequency Applications

A three-dimensional electromagnetic (EM) field simulator that implements a full-wave solution of Maxwell's equations using the finite element method
A Three-dimensional EM Field Solver for High Frequency Applications Structural Research & Analysis Corp. Los Angeles, CA Until recently, designing RF, microwave and mm-wave circuits and components using electromagnetic (EM) field simulators was a luxury for the majority of engineers working in these fields. Today, thanks in part to...
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An Active Physical Device Simulator

A simulator system that makes it possible to vary the physical parameters for the active device
An Active Physical Device Simulator HP Eesof Santa Rosa, CA Circuit designers have enjoyed the benefits of sophisticated simulation tools for some time. However, these simulation programs are limited to circuit optimization and characterization and are forced to describe the active device by means of established or measured equivalent...
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A 2.2 to 2.4 GHz Dual 8 x 2 Switch Matrix

A switching matrix that is both phase and amplitude balanced to assure proper operation and provide a low loss path with good isolation
A 2.2 to 2.4 GHz Dual 8 x 2 Switch Matrix Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc. (TRM) Bedford, NH One of the key components of a phased-array radar system is the RF switching network that directs the various RF signals to and from the respective antenna elements. This switching...
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CDMA RFIC Upconverters

Upconverters designed specifically for the transit sections of both dual-mode code-division multiple access (CDMA)/FM cellular and personal communications service handset applications
CDMA RFIC Upconverters QUALCOMM Inc. San Diego, CA Few products are on a faster track than today’s digital wireless handsets. Currently, the industry is scrambling to meet the demand for these improved telephones. As a result, component manufacturers must generate new devices that enable the handset manufacturers to design...
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Chip-size Package Technology for Semiconductors

A novel chip-size ball-grid array package construction, process flow and reliability data
Chip-size Package Technology for Semiconductors Chip-scale packaging (CSP) of IC devices is rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide because of intrinsic size advantages, the promise of highly favorable cost/performance trade-offs and reliance on existing materials and assembly infrastructures. The compliant, flex-circuit-based package is increasingly being viewed as the CSP method of...
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