RF & Microwave Industry News


SOFTWARE Electromagnetic Analysis System Software The model EMAS V4.0 electromagnetic analysis system software predicts coupled electromechanical performance of various electrical apparatus, resulting in greater design insight and reduced development cycles. The software couples the accuracy of electromagnetic, structural and thermal finite element analysis to account for the effects of...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Towed Decoys Could Improve Navy Aircraft Survivability In a recent report (GAO/NSIAD-97-94), the General Accounting Office (GAO) has reviewed Department of Defense (DoD) plans to acquire the ALE-50 and radio frequency countermeasures (RFCM) towed decoy systems. The RFCM system includes a more advanced decoy and is...
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International Report

International Report GEC Tests New Approach to Monolithic Filtering at Microwave Frequencies UK contractor GEC is working on active filtering at UHF (0.3 to 1 GHz) and microwave frequencies using a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) bipolar IC process. At the heart of the effort is the use of pairs of silicon...
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The Commerical Market

The Commerical Market US Electronics Exports Rise 10 Percent in First Half of 1997 The Electronics Industries Association (EIA) reports that US electronics equipment exports reached $74 B in the first six months of 1997, a 10 percent increase over the total exports for the first half of 1996....
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The Book End

The Book End Microwave Engineering, Second Edition David M. Pozar John Wiley & Sons Inc. 716 pages; $101.95 Much has changed in microwave engineering since the first edition of this reference text was published. Microwave applications have changed with the increased emphasis on the commercial use of microwave technology....
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High Performance RF Jumper Cables

Copper-corrugated jumper cable assemblies that feature unique connectors, solid center conductor cables and soldered inner and outer conductors
High Performance RF Jumper Cables Today's mobile communications systems demand very low intermodulation (IM) characteristics due to the crowded frequency spectrum used by these services. As a result, components that have not traditionally been known as IM contributors have become IM sources to consider. RF cables and their associated...
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Fast and Accurate Spectrum Analysis to 40 GHz

The FSEK series microwave spectrum analyzers that comprise two models to perform precision measurements in the mm-wave range
Fast and Accurate Spectrum Analysis to 40 GHz Tektronix Inc. Beaverton, OR Many communications systems operate in the mm-wave range in today's market. Satellite equipment, video local multipoint distribution systems, and many military and avionics systems employ frequencies exceeding 26.5 GHz. Radar and line-of-sight communications links operate in the...
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Large-signal Modeling of MESFETs and HEMTs

The LASIMO software that facilitates the development of large-signal models is featured on this month's cover
Large-signal Modeling of MESFETs and HEMTs Optotek Ltd. Kanata, Ontario, Canada Accurate device models are essential for the efficient use of both linear and nonlinear simulation programs. Conventional procedures for extracting MESFET and high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) large-signal models are complex, time consuming and require the use of...
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Miniature Bias Filter Networks with High Isolation from RF to mm-waves

A family of bias filter networks designed to filter unwanted signals from bias and control lines from 10 MHz to 40 GHz
Miniature Bias Filter Networks with High Isolation from RF to mm-waves Dielectric Laboratories Inc. Cazenovia, NY Today's broadband active components and circuits are particularly susceptible to unwanted RF, microwave and mm-wave signals that appear on the bias, control and supply lines that are necessary for proper circuit operation. As...
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An RFIC Test Systems Contactor with a Long Lifetime and Reduced Parasitics

The YieldPro contactor that combines a long lifetime, a wiping action, respectable compliance range and small size for operation to 18 GHz
An RFIC Test Systems Contactor with a Long Lifetime and Reduced Parasitics Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Santa Rosa, CA Nestled within the heart of high speed RFIC and MMIC test systems is the contactor (or socket), a tiny component that has importance far greater than its size suggests. As the...
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