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RFS adds industry's smallest E-band antenna to its Invisiline product family

 Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has announced a new addition to its InvisiLine™ small-form antenna (SFA) product family, designed to minimize visual impact by allowing better integration into any urban environment. The new SFA04-W800 E-band antennais one of the most discreet E-band (80 GHz) microwave antennas ever developed. Its light weight, compact design, multi-band capabilities and low-profile aesthetics make the SFA04-W800 ideal for small cell, front haul and traditional backhaul systems. 

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RFS announces transparent antenna product line

Radio Frequency Systems(RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced its new AllClear transparent antenna product line. It is necessary to limit the visual impact of antennas as much as possible to reduce the difficulty of acquiring new sites and renew existing leases. The AllClear product line was specifically developed to meet this need for RFS customers worldwide with an innovative approach to antenna design.

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