Integra Technologies Inc. (ITI) announced the development of the three new 50 ohm modules that integrate numerous RF power transistors for higher power and gain performance on a single PCB than can be obtained with individual devices alone. The ILP1214EL200 is a two-stage, high gain pallet utilizing LDMOS devices operated under the stringent pulse conditions of 16 ms and 50 percent duty cycle for L-band radar applications. The IBP1214M700 integrates two high power bipolar devices into a 50 ohm module providing over 700 W of peak output power for L-band radar applications. The IBLP1012S1800 showcases Integra’s capability to provide the best solutions for customers, combining a LDMOS driver stage with high power bipolar devices in the output stage. The IBLP1012S1800 produces more than 2000 W across the 1025 to 1150 MHz frequency band of operation.

“Integra is in the unique position in offering highly integrated pallets using two different low cost silicon technologies that aid the development of high power systems for our customers,” said John Titizian, Integra’s Founder and President. “Integra provides the most peak power per area with Bipolar technology for light-weight and space constrained designs, LDMOS technology for any pulse width and duty cycle design, and a combination of technologies for high gain input stages driving high power output stages. Serving our customers with both technologies allows us to offer the best of both worlds.”

Integra offers fully impedance matched pallets that are easy to use, which is necessary as more and more manufacturing capability gets shipped overseas. “Integra provides the power combining, device mounting and RF matching networks ensuring optimum thermal transfer and, therefore, performance in our fully integrated solution. By eliminating any further engineering effort we ease the manufacture of high power amplifiers and ultimately reduce design cycle time,” said Apet Barsegyan, Vice President of Amplifiers and co-founder at Integra.