RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD), a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance RF components and compound semiconductor technologies, announced the industry’s first 1.2 GHz broadband transmission products, enabling enhanced, bandwidth-driven services for CATV operators and their subscribers. The new products provide options for cable operators to upgrade their network infrastructure to 1.2 GHz, enhancing their network performance and providing bandwidth for growing broadcast and narrowcast services such as HDTV and emerging 3D HDTV.

The new products include the RFPD2580, the RFPP2590 and the RFOS601x. The RFPD2580 is a power doubler amplifier that uses RFMD’s GaN technology to achieve 22.5 dB gain at 1.2 GHz and best-in-class signal output capability. The RFPP2590 is a hybrid push-pull amplifier module that delivers extremely low distortion and consumes just 240 mA from a 24 V supply. The RFPP2590 is a companion part to the RFPD2580, and the two products combine to optimize performance in CATV line extender amplifiers deployed in CATV distribution networks.

The RFOS601x is an optical receiver module designed for use in hybrid fiber coax (HFC) optical nodes. Optical nodes reside at the edge of the fiber network, converting light into electrical signals for transmission to CATV set-top boxes and home routers. The low distortion of the RFOS601x enables “fiber-deep” networks, in which the optical network is extended closer to the CATV subscriber, supporting higher data rates and addressing the increasing demand for high bandwidth video and broadband services.

Technical features of the RFPD2580 include:

• 45 to 1200 MHz bandwidth

• 22.5 dB minimum gain at 1200 MHz

• Power consumption 450 mA maximum at 24 VDC

• GaN technology

• Best in class output capability

Technical features of the RFPP2590 include:

• 45 to 1200 MHz bandwidth

• 23.0 dB minimum gain at 1200 MHz

• Power consumption 240 mA maximum at 24 VDC

• 0.8 dB gain flatness

• Extremely low distortion: CTB = -60 dBc max, CSO = -65 dBc max

Technical features of the RFOS601x include:

• 45 to 1200 MHz bandwidth

• 6.3 pA/sqr(Hz) maximum at 1200 MHz EINC

• Typically 32 dBA/W O/E at 1200 MHz

• Available with FC/APC (RFOS6012) or SC/APC (RFOS6013) optical connector

The RFPD2580, RFPP2590 and RFOS601x are all available in industry-standard SOT115J packages and are available for sampling immediately.