Post Show Headlines

Hittite Launches Two RMS Power Detectors

RFMD Introduces Highly Integrated WiFi Front End Module

Headlines for Friday, May 28, 2010

OMMIC Launches X-band Integrated Core Chip

Freescale Delivers 50 V RF LDMOS Power Transistor

Micro-Coax Announces ARACON Tubular Braided EMI Shielding

PMT Introduces 2000 W Peak Power Amplifier Module

Rohde & Schwarz Selected for LTE Test Services

CST Implements Sensitivity Analysis for MICROWAVE STUDIO 2011

Integra Announces Trio of Integrated Power Modules

TriQuint's Converter Family Expands with Footprint-compatible Low-band Version

Freescale Adds Five Advanced Tower System Modules

Vectron Announces High Stability ‘Super Single’ OCXO

IMST Releases EMPIRE XCcel Version 5.40

Headlines for Thursday, May 27, 2010

IMS2010 Preliminary Attendance Up Seven Percent Over 2009

RFMD Introduces Fully Tested WiMAX Power Amplifier

R&D Microwave Demonstrates WiMAX Triplexer

Stealth Microwave Introduces WLAN Bi-Directional PA

NDK Offers COTS Frequency Control Products

Noise XT Exhibits High-performance Phase Noise Products

Peregrine Announces SP5T RF Switch

Avago Readies Next Generation Low Noise Amplifier Series

Skyworks Unveils Next-generation Ultra Low-noise Amplifiers

Hittite Launches Ultra-compact Tunable Filter Product Line

CST Announces New Functionality for MICROWAVE STUDIO 2011

TriQuint Ramps Filter Technology for 4G Mobile Hotspots

Nitronex Releases GaN MMIC Process Design Kit

RAYSPAN Delivers Manufacturing Technology for Balanced Antennas

Gowanda Introduces QPL Military-approved RF Inductors

National Instruments Introduces WLAN Measurement Suite 2.0

UltraSource Unveils Technology Platform

RJR Polymers Introduces Latest Advances in LCP Technology

TriQuint's Two-stage 0.5 W Driver Offers Higher Integration for 3G/4G Base Stations

Headlines for Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CST Enhances MWS Asymptotic Solver

Peregrine Delivers Two New PLL Devices

Avago Develops RF Front-end Solution for Point-to-point Radio Markets

Thunderline-Z Announces Hi-Rel Surface-mount Packages

Endwave Launches Dual-output VCOs to 8.9 GHz

Anritsu Introduces Signal Generator Family

Giga-tronics Announces RF and Microwave Interface Units

Relcomm Introduces 2P2T Latching Transfer Relay

Z-Comm's Fixed Frequency Synthesizer Features Low Phase Noise

RFMD Introduces Variable Gain Amplifiers

Integra Announces LDMOS Line of Devices

Hittite Introduces Nine New Products at IMS 2010

Tektronix and SenarioTek Introduce Wideband Test Solution

Remcom Announces XFdtd EM Simulation Software Update

Cobham Announces Microwave Circuit Products for Aerospace and Defense Market

Skyworks Launches Mid- and High-power WiFi Power Amplifiers

Nujira Demonstrates Efficient Broadband PAs

Florida RF Labs Introduces Complete Line of LTCC Couplers

TriQuint Offers New Digital Step Attenuator

Crystek Introduces Line of Low Pass Filters

Agilent's 3D EM Simulation Software Accelerates High-frequency, High-speed Design

RFMD Introduces Front-end Module for ZigBee-based ISM Applications

Rohde & Schwarz Demonstrates New Microwave Instruments

Thunderline-Z in Attendance at IMS 2010

Molex Showcases Expanded RF/Microwave Product Lines

Integra Announces Development of GaN Technology

Headlines for Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anritsu Features Premium Vector Network Analyzer

Hittite Introduces DC Power Conditioning Product Line

RFHIC Announces Significant Design Wins

Reactel to Feature Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies

TotalTemp Introduces Thermal Platform Systems

Gowanda Introduces Surface-mount Inductor for Power Applications

StratEdge Displays DC to 50+ GHz Packages

NMDG Speeds Up Component Characterization

Integra Announces Pair of 100 W LDMOS Transistors

Sonnet Software Brings Electromagnetic Classroom to IMS

AR Showcases Solid-state RF Power Amplifier

Passive Plus Offers Extended Working Voltage Capability

PMI and AmpliTech Introduce Low Noise Amplifier System

SPINNER Features Single Channel Coax Rotary Joint

Holzworth Reduces Oscilloscope Trigger Jitter and Increases Accuracy

Scintera Showcases Single Chip Power Amplifier Linearization Solution

Giga-tronics Demonstrates YIG-tuned Filters and Low Phase Noise Synthesizers

TEMWELL Introduces Four Tuning Helical Bandpass Filter

Headlines for Friday, May 21, 2010

AWR Offers Technical Talks and Social Events

Maury Introduces Line of Precision Components and Calibration Standards

A Sneak Peek at What Tektronix Has in Store

Hittite's Comparator Product Line Targets Medical, Industrial and ATE Applications

RFMD Showcases Portfolio of RF Components

NXP Offers Products Based on SiGe:C BiCMOS Process Technology

IEEE RFIC 2010: Workshop and Short Course Lineup

Plextek Promotes Custom Designed GaAs MMICs to Save Money

ICM Showcases Microwave Test Fixtures

Vaunix Delivers New Lab Brick Synthesized Signal Generators

Radio Engineering Services Releases New Version of HERALD Professional

FilResearch Introduces Filter Synthesis Software for Windows

Passive Plus Rolls Out Traditional RF Bypass Capacitors

NEL Highlights Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO

Headlines for Friday, May 14, 2010

Freescale Enters GaAs MMIC Market with Four Devices

Hittite Introduces Portable 20 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator

Passive Plus Offers Ultra High Power Capacitors

ELVA-1's FM Radar Detects Obstacles

Agilent to Showcase RF/Microwave Design and Test Products

Pulsar Microwave to Display Passive Microwave Components

AR Modular RF to Feature 100 W Amplifier System

ITT to Showcase Current Technology Offerings

Headlines for Monday, May 10, 2010

RFMD Announces Second GaN Process Technology Qualification

Peregrine and IBM Partner on SOS Roadmap

IMS2010 Partners with

AWR to Reward Winner of IMS 2010 Student Power Amplifier Competition

Rogers to Showcase Thermal and Circuit Solutions

Hittite's Non-reflective MMIC SP4T Covers DC to 20 GHz

RFMD Expands Broadband Transmission Product Portfolio

Microwave Innovation Group Combines CAD Speed with 3D Flexibility

Passive Plus Delivers Traditional Hi-Q Capacitors

Headlines for Monday, May 3, 2010

Agilent Introduces Real-time Oscilloscopes with 32 GHz True Analog Bandwidth

A.T. Wall to Feature Waveguide Tubing

IMST's EMPIRE XCcel Presents Efficient Solving of Large Scale EM Problems

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces Family of Low Phase Noise VCOs

Delta Announces Cable Assembly and Other Value-added Products

AmpliTech and PMI Join with Camponil Electronics

Headlines for Monday, April 26, 2010

Mimix Broadband Introduces 3.5 to 6 GHz 3 W Power Amplifier

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Coaxial Power Sensors from DC to 67 GHz

Barry Introduces New Power Components

NDK's QPL 14x9 mm CMOS Clock Oscillator is MIL-PRF-55310/30 Approved

SPINNER Develops Rotary Joints for SATCOM

RF Industries Offers High Frequency Test Cables in New Product Line

Headlines for Monday, April 19, 2010

IMS 2010 Kicks Off "Microwave Week" with IMS, RFIC Symposiums and 75th ARFTG Conference

IMS 2010 Announces Reception for Women in Microwaves

IMS 2010 Introduces Zachary Lemnios as Plenary Speaker

Mimix Broadband Celebrates 10th Anniversary

PMI and AmpliTech Join Forces

CTT Announces Compact, 1 to 18 GHz LNA

Passive Plus Offers Extended Working Voltage Capability