Anritsu Co., a leader in LTE test solutions, introduces software packages that address the emerging 3GPP LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology. The three packages, for use with Anritsu’s MG3700A Vector Signal Generator and MS269xA Signal Analyzer Series, expand Anritsu’s LTE test portfolio to include solutions that can accurately measure devices, chipsets and equipment designed for either LTE TDD or LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) mode.

The MX370110A LTE TDD IQproducer creates 3GPP LTE TDD waveform patterns on a computer for use with MG3700A Vector Signal Generator. Its graphical user interface (GUI) allows visual confirmation of the waveform format, including the location and extent of the physical channels as well as the power profile for the frame. The MG3700A signal generator uses these waveform patterns to create RF signals for evaluation of receiver characteristics of base stations, mobile terminals and chipsets. A modulation bandwidth of 120 MHz allows the MG3700A to create complex multi-carrier waveforms. Post-processing of waveforms created by the IQproducer produces multi-carrier waveforms with various offsets and levels.

With two ARB memories, the MG3700A Vector Signal Generator can replace two signal generators with a signal RF output. Its ARB memories and signal addition function allow the MG3700A Vector Signal Generator to produce both the desired and interfering signals from a single RF port, so it can measure receiver characteristics such as Adjacent Channel Selectivity or Blocking. No external combining is required. The level control of the signals produced by each memory is controlled easily via the front panel of the instrument.

The MX269910A LTE TDD IQproducer and MX269022A LTE TDD Downlink measurement packages allow a single MS269xA Signal Analyzer to conduct cost-effective evaluations of both transmitter and receiver characteristics of LTE TDD signals. The MX269910A LTE TDD IQproducer creates waveforms that allow a signal MS269xA Signal Analyzer equipped with MS269xA-020, Vector Signal Generator Option, to conduct receiver tests. With a single ARB memory, the MS269xA can add AWGN to any output RF signal.

The MX269022A LTE TDD Downlink measurement package measures LTE TDD base station transmitter characteristics. Frequency domain and time domain measurement reports support various measurement resolutions, including symbol resolution, sub-carrier resolution, or Resource Block resolution. One-button measurements take advantage of the powerful MS269xA’s signal analyzer mode and spectrum analyzer mode. Pre-configured masks make power and adjacent channel measurements simple. Built for speed and performance, the MS269xA Vector Signal analyzer ensures fast and accurate LTE TDD measurements.