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MWJ July Puzzler

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1 Company formed by Joe Pekarek
3 Name of harmonic balance simulator from EEsof
5 Simulation technique for complex digitally modulated RF signals (2 words)
11 Formerly Circuit Busters Inc.
14 A non-periodic signal
15 Multi-physics EM
19 Company formed by Bill Childs and Chuck Abronson
21 Commercial nonlinear simulator from Compact Software
23 Nonlinear circuit simulation technique for high frequency applications (2 words)
24 Design environment from Agilent to replace MDS and Series IV
25 Computer Simulation Technology
26 Graphical representation of a circuit
27 Follow-up program to first commercial microwave design program


1 Technique for automatically refining a mesh (2 words)
2 Platform for multi-domain simulation and model-based design of dynamic systems
4 Occurs when iterative solver arrives at a solution
6 One method for solving partial differential equations over complex domains (2 words)
7 System simulator from EEsof
8 Method for finding successively better approximations to the roots of a real-valued function (hyphenated)
9 Electromagnetic simulation for planar geometries (3 words)
10 Company responsible for IE3D
12 Grid-based differential time-domain numerical modeling method
13 Started first commercial microwave software company
16 High frequency circuit design environment from Hewlett-Packard
17 Open source circuit simulator from UC Berkeley
18 The concurrent design, analysis or optimization of two or more electronic systems (hyphenated)
20 Planar EM simulator out of Syracuse, NY
22 Created High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS)


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