Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced four new oscilloscope probe positioners. The N278xA Series probe positioners provide quick and stable probe positioning for making measurements on PC boards and other devices that require hands-free probing.

Unlike other probe positioners that require multiple adjustments to lock the probe holder into position, the N2784A one-arm positioner and N2785A two-arm positioner need only a "lift and drop" motion. The weight stabilization technique used in the probe holder keeps constant pressure at the probing point so the probe tip stays in position even when the target board is bumped.

The N2786A is a low cost, easy-to-use XY axis probe holder for general-purpose probing applications. The two-legged positioner is designed to be easy to use; the positioner itself has no controls to position it in place.

The Agilent N2787A is a 3-D probe positioner with a flexible, articulating arm that can be quickly positioned in a wide variety of configurations. It also allows fine adjustments to the probe location to obtain stable contact.

These probe positioners fit most Agilent passive and active probes and are also compatible with various probes manufactured by other vendors.