The US Department of Defense (DoD), through the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA), has granted Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc., a fabless RFIC company and Wireless Electronic Design Services (EDS) provider, accreditation as a Microelectronics Trusted IC Supplier for the DoD and all other US Government customers. The DoD requires that all Mission Assurance Category I systems employ only Trusted ICservice(s) to fabricate its custom designed ICs.

This important Trusted Accreditation award includes both Design and Broker services. Tahoe RF has served the DoD, US Government agencies and major prime contractors in providing state-of-the-art RFICs and microelectronics design services with military and aerospace reliability. Tahoe RF is one of a very select group of small business companies offering Trusted Microelectronics Design and Broker services.

"Tahoe RF Semiconductor is honored to be one of the few companies to be awarded Trusted IC Accreditation as the DoD is advancing a broad strategy to address the challenges of acquiring mission critical microelectronic components in the globalized microelectronics industry," said Irshad Rasheed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tahoe RF. Chris Saint, VP of Engineering, added, "We have already earned the respect and confidence from a number of major DoD contractors due to our diligent design approach and ability to innovate. We look forward to expanding our existing relationships and building new ones following this accreditation.”