NetHawk, a Finnish manufacturer of testing tools for telecom networks, and Testing Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to integrate and support customer oriented testing with Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3). TTworkbench, Testing Technologies' test automation platform based on TTCN-3, will be integrated in the NetHawk EAST simulation platform, enabling fast and easy development, execution and analysis of complex test scenarios.

TTCN-3 is a modern, powerful test specification and test implementation language that supports all kinds of black-box testing. It was developed at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) as a proper testing language with well-defined syntax and semantics, allowing enhanced communication, configuration and control. Permanent updates ensure its usability according to the latest testing requirements.

Increasing numbers of equipment manufacturers and operators benefit from using NetHawk EAST simulators to test and validate their networks and products for various technologies, including LTE, NGN/IMS, Femtocell, WiMAX, 3G, 2.5G, 2G, SS7 and SIGTRAN.

"This partnership enables NetHawk customers to access a wide-ranging portfolio of VoIP/IMS test solutions," said Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles, CEO of Testing Technologies. "It shows the increasing acceptance of TTCN-3 as a development and test environment in the telecommunications sector. Testing Technologies is proud to spread the application of this unique testing language together with NetHawk."