The 5th European Radar Conference (EuRAD) will be held from 30 to 31 October 2008 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as part of European Microwave Week.

The 5th European Radar Conference is the major European forum to present the current status and future trends in the field of radar technology, system design and applications. In the radar technology the conference focuses on associate antenna and RF devices, radar signal processing and diversity techniques in radar. System design topics comprise narrow-band including phased arrays, ultra-wideband, imaging radar systems and radar networks. Typical applications include environmental remote sensing systems for hazard prevention and monitoring applications, homeland security and military related systems as well as radars for surveillance, transport guidance and control.

In addition to scientific papers, contributions are encouraged on industrial developments, covering the fields of environmental, medical, automotive, homeland security and defence systems. In comparison with previous EuRAD editions, the 5th European Radar Conference is extended to two full days in order to provide better interaction with other conferences of the Week. Joint sessions are planned with EuMC on technology-related topics and EuWiT on wireless systems.

In order to reach a wider audience, the presenters of posters will be offered a time slot in an interactive posters session. This interactive poster session will be held jointly with EuMC during a separate timeslot without EuMC and EuRAD oral sessions. This should optimise poster session attendance. During this session the authors can present real-time operation of developed hardware or software or demonstrate movies (or slide-shows) showing operation of complete systems. Tables and power will be provided. This interactive poster session will be combined with the regular EuMC-EuRAD joint poster session.

The conference is the ideal event to keep up to date with the latest achievements in the field and interact with international experts from industry and academia. The conference brings together researchers and radar developers from all over the world to stimulate development of new products and services.

Conference Topics

Radar Hardware and Technology

R1 Antenna Design, Modelling and Measurements

R2 Electromagnetic Scattering from Radar Targets: Modelling and Measurements

R3 Active Array Antennas and Components (Common Topic with EuMC)

R4 Ultra Wide Band Technology (Common topic with EuMC)

Signal Processing and Modelling

R5 Digital Beamforming

R6 Advanced Radar Data Processing for Target Tracking, Object Classification, Feature Extraction

R7 High Resolution Processing and Imaging

R8 Signal Processing in Multi-static Active/Passive Radars

R9 Space-Time, Frequency, Polarisation Diversity Techniques in Radar

Radar Architecture and Systems

R10 CW radars

R11 Phased Array Radars

R12 Ultra Wide Band Systems (Common Topic with EuWiT)

R13 Imaging Radars

R14 Radar Networks, Multistatic Active and Passive Radars


R15 Homeland Security (Common Topic with EuMC)

R16 Space Based Telecommunication and Remote Sensing (Common Topic with EuMC)

R17 Surveillance Radar, Transport Guidance

R18 Military Radar

Conference Highlights

A wide range of technical sessions are planned covering, but not limited to, the topics above. Around 100 papers will be presented with contributions from Europe, Asia and USA. Keynote speakers from industry and the scientific community will present invited papers on topics of current importance. Focused sessions and Workshops will complement the programme. Proposals for focused sessions should be submitted before 2 December 2007 to the EuRAD Chairman.

EuMA Radar Prize

The Eu MA Radar Prize is awarded annually to the author(s) who submitted and presented the paper that best advances the stateof-the-art in radar at the European Radar Conference, held during European Microwave Week, in the opinion of the EuRAD Technical Programme Committee and the EuMW Steering Committee. The value of the Eu MA Radar Prize, sponsored by Raytheon, is €3,000.

Eligible candidates for the Eu MA Radar Prize are the author(s) of a paper accepted for inclusion in the programme of EuRAD, published in the Conference Proceedings and presented during the conference in either an oral or poster session.

EuRAD Young Engineers Prize

The EuRAD Technical Programme Committee and the EuMW Steering Committee will award the Young Engineer Prize of €2,000 to a young engineer or researcher who has presented an outstanding paper at the EuRAD conference. To be eligible candidates must be (1) aged 30 or younger at the date of the award, (2) the first author of the paper, (3) the presenter of either an oral or poster session. The number of co-authors should not exceed three. Applicants must state the purpose to which the prize will be put. The successful applicant may use part of the prize to fund attendance at the following year’s EuRAD conference. The EuRAD Young Engineer Prize is sponsored by Raytheon.

Reduced Fees and Special Grants

Reduced fees are implemented for students as well as senior persons aged 65 years or more. The European Microwave Association will also provide up to four student grants consisting of €500 plus the reduced registration fee for EuRAD. Applications should be sent to the EuRAD Chairman by 1 June 2008. The European Microwave Association will also provide a number of grants for delegates coming from NIS countries or Russia. The value of the grants is €500 plus the reduced registration fee for EuRAD. Applications should be sent to the EuRAD Chairman by 1 June 2008.


Chairman and TPC Chairman:

Professor Alexander Yarovoy

IRCTR - Delft University of Technology,

The Netherlands


Emiel Stolp

Thales Nederland,

Hengelo, The Netherlands