The Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET) has selected Cadence Design Systems as the sole provider of design technologies to help the institute develop the Russian electronics industry and provide local startup companies better access to the global industry. A broad range of the company’s technology, including its virtual integrated CAD (VCAD) service model and Cadence kits, will be deployed in a new project called Inspire the Russian Innovation System (IRIS). The concept behind IRIS is to support the development of innovative startups in the field of microelectronics. MIET chose Cadence largely because of its flexible VCAD service model, which provides designers access to a broad range of resources and expertise and allows them to leverage the company's relationships with leading silicon design chain partners. The institute aims to capitalize on the company’s technologies, reference flows and kits, which provide leading-edge design methodologies that enable companies to produce advanced microelectronic technologies and products.

"We are very excited to take part in the IRIS project," said Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke, fellow at Cadence Design Systems. "Flexible access to proven expertise is pivotal to bridge the knowledge-gap between EDA technology and design challenges. Russia's potential is high based on its young, talented and scientifically well-educated engineering community. The IRIS concept is an excellent way to foster the ecosystem required to release this potential."