Maury Microwave recently announced the release of the latest update to the company's celebrated Automated Tuner System software, ATS version 5.00. This new release continues the development of the now-classic ATS power, noise and S-parameter suite, and offers the easiest-to-use, most advanced device characterization platform in the test and measurement world.

ATS 5.00 features an updated and significantly improved GUI that first-time or veteran users will find greatly enhances their productivity. This release also includes a powerful new harmonic load pull method that eliminates the need for multiplexers. This method, dubbed Cascaded Harmonic Tuning, when coupled with two or more Maury automated tuners, simultaneously provides harmonic tuning with an industry-leading VSWR range.

Maury's Cascaded Harmonic Tuning method is a form of impedance constraint whereby specified fundamental load pull or harmonic impedance is invoked with the click of a single radio button. This automatically updates the impedance constellation displayed in the Tuner Control GUI with markers pointing out the fundamental and harmonic impedances. Users find this method particularly useful for on-wafer high-power applications like GMS-EDGE wafer mapping.

Additional features found in ATS 5.00 include an improved sweep plan for noise characterization, a tuner GUI API for direct tuner control - eliminating the legacy tuner controller object - and ten additional productivity-enhancing tools and functions.

Combined with Maury's versatile and reliable automated tuners and backed by Maury's technical support, ATS 5.00 is a must have for every serious test and measurement lab.