Last year Daico Industries marked its 40th year serving the dynamic microwave industry. Just nine years after Microwave Journal began publishing, Daico began filling a critical need for high-precision, super-reliable IF/RF and microwave products and solutions. Early products included switches, phase shifters and other control products operating in the DC to 18 GHz range.

Customer-driven Growth

Over the years, Daico has added to and expanded its large families of products to provide advanced IF/RF and Microwave Control products and Amplifiers for the ever-demanding Defense Electronics, Aerospace, Commercial Space and other high-end industries. These custom high-reliability products are integral to the complex operations of major radar, navigation, communications, fire control, EW and satellite systems.

Today, Daico offers a broad range of microwave products for custom solutions in IF/RF and microwave frequencies through its large and ready families of control products, amplifiers and multi-function assemblies.

More Than Design and Manufacturing

We design, build, test and screen products specifically to meet customers’ rigorous requirements. Additionally, we offer build-to-print (contract manufacturing) services. With its stable and repeatable processes, along with skilled manufacturing and test personnel, Daico builds legacy products to the same exacting standards of performance and reliability to which you build them. In the process, Daico also redesigns and updates them to extend the service while reducing manufacturing costs and improving overall performance.

Major Products

Custom Products in RF/IF and Microwave Frequencies, DC to 18 GHz:

• Control Products: Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Antenna Selectors

• Amplifiers: High-Power, Low Noise, Broadband

• Multifunction Assemblies: Adaptive Gain Modules, 4-channel Up-converters, Switchable Filters

• Build-to-Print: Contract Manufacturing

Markets Served

• Defense: Surveillance, Training, Fire Control

• Aerospace: Radar, Communications, ECM

• Commercial Space: Communications, Payloads

• Industrial: Controls

Contact Information

Daico Industries
1070 East 233rd Street
Carson, CA 90745
Phone: 310 507 3242