Ceralta Technologies Inc. was formed by the investment group that originally owned TRU Corp. by merging TRU into Ceralta and subsequently acquiring Sage Laboratories Inc.. Both TRU and Sage are now wholly owned subsidiaries of Ceralta. Ceralta’s mission is to creatively apply radio frequency (RF), microwave and digital technologies to enhance the competitive position of our its customers and, in turn, their customers.

Ceralta’s focus is on the application of RF, microwave and digital technologies are used across a broad spectrum of to specific industries and markets including: defense; aerospace; homeland security; counter IED; satellite and wireless communications; medical diagnosis and therapy; semiconductor; test and measurement; flat panel display and solar energy applications. The market remains highly fragmented with a high rate of technological change that requires significant capital investment. In pursuing its growth objectives, Ceralta will selectively target other acquisitions in the RF, microwave and digital technology field with a primary focus on companies, which have the ability to provide unique technical solutions to defined market segments.

Eugene F. O’Neill, Jr., Chairman of the Board and chief executive officer of Ceralta, stated, “Forming Ceralta is a significant step in positioning TRU and Sage for growth. We are now uniquely positioned to provide leading edge component and subsystem solutions to targeted customers and markets. As additional acquisitions are integrated, there will be greater opportunity to develop deeper customer relationships and provide higher-level technological solutions to our customers. I am very excited about the combination of TRU and Sage as we will now provide greater value to our customers than either company would be able to provide as a stand-alone business.”

The president of TRU, Scott O’Neil, said, “Since our inception, TRU Corp. has become well known for its creative interconnect solutions, particularly in the high power segment of the market. We look forward to working closely with Ceralta and Sage to pursue our joint goals for expansion by finding new business opportunities within our customer base, thus leveraging our combined component and subsystem design and manufacturing capabilities. Ceralta, TRU and Sage make a powerful combination that will significantly enhance our ability to service our customers and markets.”

“We are very happy to have Ceralta Technologies as our parent,” said Anthony Cappello, president of Sage. “Ceralta is continuing to make investments in the Sage business to maintain and grow our technical capabilities and operational efficiencies to better serve our growing customer base. This investment will enable us to add even greater value for our customers through new product development in our heritage component products as well as subsystems. Sage embraces the opportunity to work with TRU in developing joint opportunities within our targeted markets.”