Aeroflex and Innowireless announced that they have entered into a technology partnership designed to accelerate the development of 3GPP LTE mobile devices for subscribers. The partnership will enable the two companies to combine their extensive engineering skills and resources to collaborate on the development of a new 3G LTE mobile test tool intended to enable handset designers and manufacturers accelerate the time-to-market of their 3G LTE products for subscribers. The new 3G LTE mobile test tool is expected to be available in Q4 2008 and will be marketed through Aeroflex’s extensive worldwide sales and support channel.

“The new 3G LTE mobile test tool for developers will enable subscriber station designers and manufacturers to move rapidly from development to volume production while both improving the integrity and quality of their products and reducing cost,” said Bob Vogel, general manager of Aeroflex Test Solutions, Wireless Division. “By partnering with Innowireless we are continuing to expand our growing portfolio of 3G LTE test solutions for R&D, manufacturing and conformance test. This new 3G LTE test tool will complement Aeroflex’s market- leading GSM, 3G, CDMA and WiMAX solutions for the development, conformance and manufacturing markets.”

The new 3G LTE mobile test tool will incorporate a full suite of RF measurements for characterization, calibration and verification purposes. It will be extendable to allow engineers to test, stress and debug the IP data handling capabilities of their designs in a controlled laboratory environment. The new test tool will represent a significant breakthrough in 3G LTE mobile testing, providing the flexibility to configure a wide range of network parameters through an easy-to-use Windows interface coupled with high-speed, precision-accuracy measurements. It will incorporate flexible base station emulation and parametric tests into one integrated unit, extending Aeroflex’s unmatched portfolio of mobile test solutions for R&D, verification and manufacturing customers.

"It is imperative to not only provide high-quality, cost-effective test solutions to the designers and manufacturers contributing to the realization of 3G LTE, but to do so with the backing of a sales and support channel that can provide real-time worldwide support to customers in their time zones," said JongTae Chung, chairman and CEO, Innowireless Co. Ltd. “By partnering with Aeroflex, Innowireless will continue to enhance the cutting-edge capability of its product offerings.”