Keithley Instruments and the Institute of Mobile Communications (IMC) of Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China, have formed a partnership whereby both parties will work together on joint research projects to expand existing applications as well as research into emerging wireless applications and technologies. As a leading provider of advanced, next-generation RF test equipment, Keithley is well positioned to aid the work of the IMC, a growing research institution for wireless technology, particularly in multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) applications.

MIMO is an emerging wireless communication technology that responds to the growing demand for more data in mobile communication devices, with the newest wireless standards being based on MIMO. This new research collaboration establishes a reference site of joint research and allows both entities to work together on existing applications as well as research emerging applications. The IMC, in partnership with Keithley, will be able to establish an advanced research MIMO platform.

“Wireless communication products continue to be major drivers in the global electronics market,” said Mark Hoersten, Keithley vice president, business management. “As a result, researchers working on developing the next generation of wireless communication products need leading-edge test instrumentation. As a leader in RF test technology, especially leading-edge MIMO technology, Keithley looks forward to its partnership with the IMC as we continue our long-standing tradition of working with cutting-edge institutions and companies to develop the technologies of the future.”

Pingzhi Fan, director of information coding and transmission at the IMC, added, “I am confident that both the IMC and Keithley will benefit from the establishment of this joint lab. It is an excellent opportunity for IMC to strengthen our relationship with industry, accelerate important academic contributions, and improve our practical development and testing capability. We are very pleased to be working with Keithley whose MIMO RF test solution is enabling and driving advanced research in MIMO technology. It is also helpful for us to gather and train high-level researchers, and to achieve world-class innovation contributions.”