Agilent Technologies Inc. and Beceem Communications announced they will extend their WiMAX collaboration to include Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 Protocol Test. Agilent and Beceem will ensure that customers can confidently use Agilent protocol test systems with Beceem's Mobile WiMAX reference designs. Both companies will verify that their designs are accurate implementations of Mobile WiMAX standards.

Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) is a vital part of the WiMAX Forum certification process. The availability of rigorous and efficient protocol test solutions is a must for ensuring that the latest WiMAX technologies are delivered with a high degree of device interoperability. This level of assurance helps to create customer confidence and drive market growth.

Beceem is a supplier of terminal chipsets for the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. Beceem's current BCS200 chipset is being used by leading Mobile WiMAX equipment makers and is being used in the trials and deployments of leading Mobile WiMAX operators.