Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has mergered with Planar Electronics Technology (PET) and Planar Filter Co. (PFC). The synergy between these three Frederick, MD-based corporations enables the offering of upgraded hybrid MIC/MMIC RF and microwave components, subsystems and systems to their customers as well as enhancing their ability to support major military and defense contractors.

Ashok Gorwara, the CEO of Planar Monolithics Industries, and Kevin Mason, formerly the president of PET and now the general manager of PMI, are eagerly looking forward to presenting the corporation’s improved capabilities to all of their customers.

The wide range of products that are now available from PMI will include airborne SIGINT & DF RF distribution units, directional detectors, filters and switched filter banks, frequency synthesizers, frequency and polar discriminators and IFMs, integrated super components and receiver front ends, IQ vector modulators, limiters and detectors, log RF/IF amplifiers, passive and active doubler modules, phase shifters and bi-phase modulators, quadrature and directional couplers, subsystems and custom assemblies, successive detection log video smplifiers (SDLVAs), threshold detectors and complete RF systems.