TriQuint Semiconductor announces the release of two new packaged HFET (heterojunction field-effect transistor) products for base station, point-to-point radio and general purpose amplifier applications.

These new releases, TGF2960-SD and TGF2961-SD, are included in TriQuint’s first Product Selection Guide that will be available to the public June 5th at the 2007 IEEE MTT-S IMS in Honolulu, HI.

The guide is now available as a download at:

Visit the web site to register for new product updates or to request a printed copy of the guide.

Describing the new HFET’s key benefits, TriQuint Networks product marketing director Dan Green said, “Equipment and radio designers strive to find cost-effective, high performance components that may be utilized for multiple functions in their designs. Customers like to be able to reuse a component in a design or across multiple designs and applications. Packaged HFET power discrete devices fill this role and work to lower BOM component count and overall product cost.

These packaged HFET power discrete devices are well suited for use throughout the RF and IF signal paths as gain blocks, driver and power stages. They exhibit excellent linearity and efficiency performance.”