The Advanced Dielectric Division of Taconic will feature a variety of unique products that offer low loss and high reliability for conventional and multilayer RF and high speed digital board fabrication at this year's MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.

Taconic’s TacPreg prepregs, constructed with BT epoxy/woven fiberglass/PTFE components, offer reduced electrical loss and ease of fabrication for high speed digital and RF commercial and military applications. These dimensionally stable laminates, available with a Dk of 3.00 – 3.5, enable production of 20+ layer boards at FR-4 laminating temperatures and pressures.

HyRelex thin flexible interconnect materials offer exceptional thermal, mechanical, electrical and moisture resistant properties for multilayer, double sided and rigid flex circuits. Low dissipation factor, excellent peel strength and smooth surface profile make HyRelex ideal for applications involving high frequencies, high temperatures and harsh environments.

TSM-30, designed for consistent performance over broad temperatures and frequencies, offers the unique properties of both low loss and low moisture and solvent absorption.

For heat dissipation in multilayer boards, Taconic’s heavy metal clad laminates provide thick layers of copper, brass and aluminum for reliability in temperature management.

For more information regarding the company’s high performance materials, please visit Taconic at IEEE MTT-S 2007 at Booth 1632.