Aitech Systems has expanded its in-house space production and testing capabilities by implementing a thermal vacuum system from LACO Technologies, a leading manufacturer of vacuum and leak testing systems. This new system enables the testing of space systems and components under hot and cold temperatures as well as in vacuum conditions, leading to better quality control and streamlined manufacturing.

As part of larger production upgraded, Aitech partnered with LACO to build a custom ‘Space Simulation System,’ also known as the Frontier Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) System, which includes everything from chambers and ports to stands and PLC. The addition of a chiller allows the system to replicate the extreme temperatures experienced from launch pad to in-orbit operation.

Ralph Grundler, director of space business development and R&D, of Aitech, said, “By adding LACO’s Frontier System to our space product production process, we’re increasing both our in-house efficiency and our level of quality for customers. Instead of sending parts out for third party verification, we can manage this critical aspect of the production process, improving delivery and associated costs.”

Aitech’s long-standing history in the space industry led to the production enhancements that the company is undertaking. Recognizing that its space customers are shifting from components to more integrated systems, the company is building an enhanced manufacturing environment to help manage the different testing needs of customers across all orbit levels and mission durations.

“As a team of dedicated engineers, we collaborated closely with Aitech throughout the entire manufacturing process, coming together to share ideas and knowledge. This enabled us to jointly develop a system that meets Aitech in-house testing that facilitates a more streamlined production environment and provides quality products in a shorter timeframe,” said Lee Chamberlain, vice president, of LACO Technologies.

Aitech, Booth #612, will be on-hand at the 39th Space Symposium, from April 8-11, 2024 in Colorado Springs, Colo., to discuss it’s new manufacturing capabilities that include the Frontier TVAC System from LACO.