The CNT-104S multi-channel instrument combines the functionalities of a high performance universal frequency counter and time-interval analyzer into a single device. This compact benchtop unit measures frequency, phase or time across four input channels simultaneously, presenting the parallel results on a large color display. The instrument provides < 7 ps time resolution and 13 digits/s frequency resolution with a measuring speed of up to 20 million measurements/s. Pendulum Instruments claims the CNT-104S outperforms any current timer/counter/analyzer on the market. The single-shot resolution delivers faster phase comparison results between clocks, allowing the capture of tiny time and phase changes in real-time.

All four channels offer parallel, independent and gap-free timestamping of the input signals. Previously, this has only been possible using multiple instruments. Designers can compare the phases of four atomic clocks without a switch. Multi-stop, time-interval measurements benefit those conducting time-of-flight measurements in physical research applications.

A touchscreen and an intuitive menu structure facilitate simple navigation and instrument setup. Alternatively, a wireless mouse can be connected to the unit to make measurement settings. A built-in web server allows the unit to be operated remotely from almost anywhere. Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity provides flexible remote-control capability.

Intelligent AUTO SET helps configure the best settings for each measurement to avoid mistakes. Results are presented in both numerical and graphical formats. A toggle function allows test data to be viewed in numerical, statistics, distribution and timeline modes.

For over 60 years, Pendulum Instruments, a global expert in time and frequency measurement, analysis and calibration has addressed aerospace and defense, telecom, metrology and R&D applications. Learn how the CNT-104S can be configured to meet your specific needs and/or budget demands.

Pendulum Instruments
Redwood City, Calif.