Hanwha Phasor, a U.K.-based satellite communications company, has announced it will release its land antenna, for mobile communications, the Phasor L3300B, to the market in Q3 of 2024. The Phasor L3300B is an active electronically steered antenna which has been developed for commercial and military use.

This announcement marks the first time that Hanwha Phasor’s land antenna solution will be available for commercial and defence use, offering users uninterrupted communications regardless of the environment. This is as a result of dual simultaneous receive channels, meaning the antenna can form connections with new satellites before breaking its current connection.

With conflict in mainland Europe and the Middle East, and a growing number of natural disasters each year – the necessity for uninterrupted communications has never been more pressing. Hanwha Phasor’s new product helps fill this gap. The product provides the highest levels of connection, operating in Ku-Band, and is able to connect to both geostationary satellites as well as the low earth orbiting constellations, and is compliant with OneWeb and developed to be compatible with leading providers.

The flat-panel design, weighing only 30 kg with a 150 mm thickness, makes the Phasor L3300B antenna an ideal option of choice for Armed Forces personnel and first responders operating in contested and high-intensity environments. This new offering from Hanwha Phasor will ensure this connectivity, keeping Armed Forces personnel and first responders safe, and ensuring they are able to carry out their roles more effectively.

Hanwha Phasor makes the announcement at Satellite 2024 as it displays the Phasor L3300B for the first time. The business has had a strong period in the lead-up to the conference with recent announcements including, a partnership with Lufthansa Technik as well as an agreement with OneWeb to become a User Terminal on their network.

Michael Young, vice president business development at Hanwha Phasor said, “The launch of the Phasor L3300B is a key milestone for Hanwha Phasor and I am incredibly proud of the work that our team has put in to develop, what I believe to be, the best solution on the market. We look forward to discussing the Phasor L3300B capabilities with our current and future customers who want to ensure their operators' safety through uninterrupted communications.”