Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd announced that the U.S. Army awarded a nearly $20 million contract to the company’s U.S.-based subsidiary, Wavestream, for the continuation of a program to sustain anytime, anywhere satellite connectivity.

Wavestream’s solid-state power amplifier (SSPA), ruggedized to withstand the harshest environments, enables the satellite transportable terminals used in this program to deliver a “Communications-on-the-Pause” solution across diverse climates and conditions around the globe.

“With more than a decade and a half of field proven performance, the Wavestream 50 W Ka SSPA continues to satisfy the Army’s need for dependable satellite communications in support of our warfighters operating in harsh and hostile environments around the world,” said Bob Huffman, Wavestream’s general manager and Gilat’s senior VP. “Over the years, we’ve deployed thousands of BUCs to the military and we take great pride in providing proven technology that’s fielded for mission-critical telecommunications.”